We offer several levels of service to enable you to fit within any budget restraints you may have. This allows you to decide how much we can help you and how much you can get done within your own team.

Service 1 is the basic supply of cleaners for any period of time you may nominate. The cleaners are vastly experienced in event cleaning and will carry out their duties to the high level that we require of them. They come with any equipment needed for the task they are hired for. Brooms, mops, buckets etc will be all provided within the price that we quote. If there is any special cleaning required such as oil clean up or food waste removal please notify us at the time of the quote request to ensure we give you the most competitive and exact quote we can. Our cleaners come in clean and tidy uniforms and are hand picked to fit the job hired for. Cleaners, due to the uniform and strong prescence, are often asked for directions to things within the event so please make a map or any information packs available to them as they are more than happy to assist your patrons and guest.

Service 2 is the next level and includes Service 1. This level has the add on of the hire of additional items required such as Porta Loos, skips and bins, temporay fencing etc. As we are very experienced in this area we can also book these services for you. This gives you the ability to have one organiser responsible for several items. If you are trying to organise several areas this can very often be a nightmare so why not let us book all of the additional services for you and manage the delivery and servicing of these items. This also gives you the one invoice for several services and the one payment to make. Cuts out all the paper management and bank fees - cheque writing - book keeping etc and gives you the ease of paying one account.

Service 3 is a sevice that we pride ourselves as being the experts in this field. We can guide you in the right direction to have a Earth Friendly - Green event. This would cover the following: Recycling of appropriate waste from your event. The use of degradable, compostable, recycled and recyclable products. The use of Earth Friendly cleaning products for all cleaning. Supply of Earth Friendly consumables for the vendors that attend your event. Results of the recycling posted on this website and sent to the EPA for their records. Advertising at the event that it is a recycling event to enable the patrons to recognise your efforts. Fact sheets for the vendors to ensure they conform to your wishes. ttt