Thermometer Pocket Temp PRO

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  • All units have a unique serial number printed on the side of the head of the unit to help control the traceability of the unit;
  • Range: -50°C to + 300°C; Probe length: 120mm with a Probe safety cover;
  • The Pocket Temp PRO is dishwasher safe & can therefore be used to record dishwasher temperatures.
  • Features: On/Off and Max / Min buttons, & is °C/°F switchable;
  • Supplied with silicone sheath or boot to give extra water resistance when fitted to the head of the unit;
  • Accuracy: ±0.6°C between -20 ~ +100°C, otherwise ±1% (Meets Australian Food Standard requirements);
  • Resolution: 0.1°C across the entire range; Sampling rate: 1 second;
  • Battery: 3 volt, “CR2032” or equivalent, (battery included);
  • Battery life: 5700 hours (approximately).